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are built into the bottom of kettles and frying pans, which
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resemble scarlet fever, and in another part may resemble measles.
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A necropsy was made fourteen hours after death ; rigor
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THE Office not Later than Midday Post on Wednesday. Tele-
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the precordial percussion area of dulness greatly increases, becoming
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Our correspondent raiglit take the J fonpital Annual, a,nd select about a
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mouth, nose, and eyes, kept moist by a lotion of lead and opiimi, with
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compounds, and I have thus represented them in the table.
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subnitrate and given three times a day before meals. The patient is
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While the benzoates are among our best intestinal antiseptics, yet
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thus outlined varies according to the previous chronidty of the case.
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Sttbjective Pains* — In a sense, all pains are subjective, for if by
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lower ribs, instead of expanding with inspiration, fall in.
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of suicide in insanity is very imperfectly handled. Moral
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The plan of selecting certain subjects for discussion has
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attendants contracting it from prisoners brought before them from
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though this will be done before the end of the month. When the
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and quantities were obtained, and early in April of the pre-
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were sent to London, where two young medical men allowed their hands
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the scales of the epidermis becoming tightly superimposed one upon
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fact settles its uremic character. Uremic amaurosis ordinarily pas
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Longmore, London : Government Printing Office, 1893. 6s.
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this, then, will be associated with other symptoms which are valuable
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that the disorder is due to a living growth, but whether bacterial (
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—Resident Medical Officer. Appointment for four mouths. Salary at
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rities it is not in touch at all, except in regard to the com-
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been a sul>JHct of speculation amongst plijsiciaiiK aiirl paDio-
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exploring with a probe the cleft above described in the middle
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But it is quite possible in many cases that the body may be
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food during masticatioD with sali^-a, which, a* we have w«.. coiiunu**
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tent. At the same time river water must always be under suspicion. He
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Sichel's knife suggested by and made for Mr. R. N. Hartley,