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special toxic or other properties, but nevertheless produce antibodies in
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the congested areas. Moderate cold, on the other hand,
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presence of living organisms, because the same changes may be obtained
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The Blood. — In most cases there is a leukoc}i:osis ranging from 14,000 to
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get the knowledge if they obtained it first from the experi-
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Special Pathology. — Yellow fever is a general infection vnih severe
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Relapse of vaccinia has been reported by a few writers within a month or
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headache may be relieved or benefited by the application of cold cloths or
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tendency is now to use those local measures which will at the same time give
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without lumbar pimcture, their bacterial cause remains uncertain. From
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death, following the use of his method. Similar results have
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material is lost by karyolysis and the protoplasm takes little or no eosin stain.
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constant feature, being noted at the time of the appearance of the rash on
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— (*)" Catechism of tlie Principles of Veterinary Surffery,"
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traction of the heart and not with the respiratory act. It is
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It is difficult to explain the eruption otherwise than as due to a deposit of the
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thing of the stress and competition which prevails in a well-
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Certain other patients who complain of pain in the back which may persist
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parts of the body which are comparatively little invaded by the pock eruption
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probably is a direct relation between the degree of under-
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disappears in a few days. Occasionally retention may require the use of
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and then about the chest and shoulders. After this it appears on the extrem-
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race or generation of people is immune. Recorded epidemics show that
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warm sponge, and the patient dried with a soft towel. It may be necessary
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important. The phenomena may be explained under certain circumstances,
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Vice-President shall not be eligible for re-election.'"
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or at least in those cases in which the inflammatory process reaches the
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to another important factor to see if it may contribute to
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there is apparently no special danger to the community. In certain parts of
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all around it. Where this is not practicable the room should be as far
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the patient recovers, the fever disappears. This may be an}n;vhere between
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After remaining from eight to twelve hours at 37° C. this is examined in the
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oxysms are always more severe. Wimmer and Meissner state that the deaf
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patient complains of indefinite malaise and in which symptoms are cumula-
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and "Typhus exanthematicus" for typhus fever. Louis in 1841, in the
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varieties of functional albuminuria, unless arrested, will ul-
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short of this suffices; and until this proof has been obtained for more than
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As confirmatory of this test Purdy further says — ' 'After
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agreeable. Various medicaments are mixed with these. Five per cent,
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changes. Outside of these there are numerous changes of a more gen-
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