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a specific microbe. Public health, through our knowledge of bacteria,

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five, qualities of a good one for propagation, 333. Treatmefit

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one real compliment I desire. Our jtrofession is a wholesome,

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of irritating food. It is frequently referred to euphemistically as a " bilious

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by the following figns : frequently belching, loath-

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and after abdominal operations, the physician assisting the surgeon through

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in actual loss of blood after accidents, operations,

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isolate. It is probably to the presence of these bodies that the oil owes its

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the tube is at once depressed and immersed under an antiseptic

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monographs based upon it having been published and reconstructions having

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of pus escapes. The glands underneath the jaw are frequently enlarged,

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disease. Lastly, in a case of simple rheumatoid arthritis, sodium biurate

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behind the pubes. Or else the body may be rotated to bring the arm

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at once becoming general, and constituting what is practically a septicaemia.

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The signs and symptoms of an infected tendon sheath vary somewhat with

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treated when pregnant, ibid. Their ufual time of geftation ;

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greatly. Even under the best conditions there is often, after the first month,

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sub-chronic cases and chronic case gradually failing.

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or frosted globes to scatter the light and reduce the flicker. The eyes

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Quite recently there appeared in one of our Provincial daily papers a letter

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tender, and the veins are distended. During the second night the severity

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lity than grafs, which is the natural food of cattle.

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tuberculosis was a disease inoculable in the lower animals. He took

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being able to keep off the flies, tl-ey are much m.ore

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three months after the individual had ceased working in the factory.

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commonly secondary to pulmonary tuberculosis. Thus it was found hi

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but as the poison becomes absorbed into the system the temperature may

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per while the inflammation continues high, fucn as,

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temperature was elevated each day, except for 10 days during the month of

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tapping, resistant nodules may be felt at some part of the abdomen, or the

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cerning which laft M. de Buffon (a) gives us the fol-

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ankylostomum can, for one or two generations, reproduce itself hetero-

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investigation of the Genito-urinary tract increased the efficiency of the

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which no penetration of the meninges occurred. The third group may