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that the human body underwent a radical change once in seven
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of Dr. Mathews' views on the above topic made by Dr. Charles
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idea upon which the practice is founded. It would seem, from the
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M. Keber has also confirmed the observations of Barry in re-
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The fatty liver furnishes little bile but much sugar, — the sepa-
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potassa cum calce, over the ileum, an inch external to the seat of
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contracts the capillary vessels, and throws an additional burden
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contemplation of those dropping cases of disaster which soon
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character. It is, however, somewhat singular, that Baron Storck, who
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has been ascertained, that, in the process of fermentation,
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uterus was larger and more bulky than natural ; the os uteri inter-
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young gentleman who was suffering severely from toothache. I
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branches of the pneumogastric; the pneumogastric is the internal
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power in the doses spoken of, than he does of the curative power
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and others speak of the exfoliation of the mucous membrane of the uterine
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died. He then divided the pneumogastric nerves in a dog,
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If the bladder becomes affected by the cantharides, it is by
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under consideration, then, reduce themselves to a possible
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children — and such great benefit has been derived from it,
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a physician of large experience in his specialty, and whose work* on the
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easily explained, the possibility of the foreign body
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intended to put forth only what is true in certain limited districts, or
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dolph, Vt ; Profs Smith and Erni, Knoxville, Tenn : Prof. Kane, Detroit, Mich.;
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mucous membrane which contains the hemorrhoidal plexus is
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could be instituted, the time of study could be extended, the lecture
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be attached to the extreme upper and lower corners of the
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the author whom I have quoted with at least an equal degree of
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and very greatly enlarged. Philadelphia: Blanchard & Lea, 1857.
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Why is it that unthinking men stigmatize our profession because of its
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himself. The judgment warped by such wretched sophistry, any slight
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lous diathesis. The patient had been seen two or three times
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childhood, from 7 to 11 ; youth, from 14 to 21 ; manhood, from
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