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tomentoee beneath ; leafets petioled, round-cordate, lobed ; fruit orbicular

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the types composing the word, and places them upon or in contact with

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upon a course of Thomsonian medicine, prescribed by himself.

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lar, and intermittent. In this state the patient is almost as coiiipletelj

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to lose its effect. Through the advice of a young member of the pro-

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streptococcus may protect an animal from that organism, but be absolutely

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place ; the death of those who are in a building on fire, from which escape

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the day as possible should be spent in the open air. During the summer

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miliary tubercle nodules, and the tissues of the tongue are usually swollen. The

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tuberculin R. The best plan is to begin with a dose of -^ mg., and to run

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I applied. A pill of three grains of opium was given during the night;

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the craving for the stimulus becomes even greater, and to produce the

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ment, it would, we think, conduce most effectually to that species of im-

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especially as it is difficult to obtain direct evidence of the toxic action of

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the pelves, but also parts of the trunks are united with four, three, or two

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in practice. We find, for instance, that the tremor of disseminate sclerosis,

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(melanotic) species. It is always unilateral, and though it is not so liable

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the lips are thick and everted. The palpebral fissure is narrowed from

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of inherited syphilis, and more often when the mother or both parents are

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" Tuberculin E " (T.E.) He stated that this contains only the substances

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inflammation of the coronary arteries. The pericardium is rarely affected

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was a woman of about fifty, with a pedicled growth the size of a Barcelona

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dichotoma, and other varieties of putrefactive bacteria have been found by

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Belladonna. — Poisoning by belladonna is usually due to the

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has probably done more than anything else to support the doctrine of

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the proportion of 3 to 2. The relation of age to hemoptysis is not the

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the few elementary principles of vegetables are made to appear. Who

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very considerable similarity in tastes, feelings, etc., their chief bodily

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that it may be mistaken for a case of osteitis deformans. Suppuration is

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plexity and doubt, in their intercourse with them. For when we con-

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is enlargement and tuberculous caseation of the supra-renals.

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