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my own experietice and observation, relative to the j)resent interests and

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of blood circulating through the tissues, by antagonizing the ordinary vaso-motor nerves

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joints, ankles, knees, hands, and wrists. The elbows, shoulders, and hips,

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organs as shown by their general expression of having a

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phlebitis. pulmonary embolism and cerebral thrombosis.

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in neurasthenia. As to the dosage, he has settled down to one sixth grain

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a month annoyed by slight cough ; but it was so slight that it had not

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regards maternal risk, it compares unfavorably with

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in a manner which altogether eludes our researches. The causes which

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mination, not dependent on the statement of the patient.

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also seemed to be influenced by changes of weather. Patients who suf-

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autopsy and of the chemical examination, " that poison had actually

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Those writers of original articles who wish to avail themselves of reprints will please notify

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precisely like the vaccin organism, i. e., it passes through

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Case IV.— B. M., aged three, the child of last patieni.

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Dr. A. A. Kent moved that the Committee to Receive and Handle

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unwound watch is ceasing, I can stimulate it into movement

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logica," a copy of which is preserved in the Library of the College of

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inexplicable phenomena daily presented in their practice, and then the talk

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half to one grain for each year of age, up to six or eight grains,

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is not more remarkable than that disease in one tooth should occasion a

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furnishes an entirely normal, and the other a pathologic, urine. If, on the con-

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cannoC join in the rounding out of the middle aiid upper portions, and

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and only 70'5° at Aspley, in the same county of Bedford ;

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the next day with the same result. Subsequently he merely applied small quan-

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The abscess is sometimes limited, and of small size. At other times it

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for M.D. Health Plan. The network of physicians will

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society, and making graceful allusions to members recently dead, the speaker

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entirely upon the difference of the pressure of that gas in

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well as of the texts. There has probably never been an issue the

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If section of the posterior roots will be followed by de-

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class of one hundred and twenty one is something else.

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are properly designated a- pathological, and are only the generally

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