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the skull, caused by lateral prominence of the parietal bones.

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ing to grasp an object, makes several ineffectual efforts to do so. At the same time,

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important for the interpretation of speech defects to bear in mind that the

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besides laying f^eat stress on the bedding of patients,

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the Chemical Rays. — Gruber s 1 experiments were made upon

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can serve as an important resource to an institution.

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and normal individuals show about the same per cent of positive find-

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with a considerable degree of anaemia, there was a marked improvement

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extensively infiltrated with small round cells. On the surface of both

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cies below the blue. A solid lens, with or without a blue

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F. C. P. Philadelphia, etc. etc. etc. Illustrated with engravings on wood.

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the pleural sac, and its kind. Thanks to modern laboratory methods

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foodstuffs, especially the leguminosse so much given to

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absence of the myasthenic reaction. In pseudobulbar paralysis, the upper

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on the whole is less to be depended on in these cases than when a similar con-

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tures, where two large rugse exist, exposed to attrition, to contact with

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development of dementia accompanied by a few indefinite

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had been kept moderately flexed, as being the most easy

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as a rule, sufficiently manifest and easy of application, so

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accused, and he thus lays himself open to a remark from the judge that he

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and both times the rise was observed not long after eating. The

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regulation of diet alone, interdicting meat, sugar, and starch. He

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tained acts within the individual cell as a catalyzer

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were fixed with formalin and sections of them stained with eosin-

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operation for epilepsy. Hippocampal sclerosis indicates

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The Tri- State Medical Journal, whose growth has been phenom-

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should be softened by soaking in olive oil, when the shaving can be effected

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the touch " in a peculiar way — a statement which I consider of

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Resolutions of Original Vaccine Pock Institution - 504

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Hog Cholera in Ohio. — It is a well known fact that

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mens of extra-uterine gestation, and as far as possible, studied

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cant, giving his name and address. These carriages are

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plausibility, to the greater promptness with which the absorbents com-

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casein and is hard for infants to digest. This can be

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delirium is apt to occur in this stage. The delirium is generally pasnie

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smear, observed within a certain length of time, may be considered