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Dr. Stelwagon remarked that, in a case mentioned by Dr. Duh-
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that the hepatic cells are inactive, and that the flow
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Council under Clause 11. They hold that these powers are too
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under observation. The urine was at first grossly bloody, later erythro-
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the brain, ran down into the lungs and killed that philoso-
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ward and say — " We were badly treated ; we had a right to
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body, but especially in the axilla and groins, producing
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the same surgical procedures are often demanded in erysipelas of the
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see it, you had better be careful how you become convinced
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epilepsy.] Arch, psichiat. [etc.], Kharkov, 1891, xviii, no.
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approach a milligramme, and as the successful increase of dose without
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sponse. Petersen slates, however, that the streptococcic vaccine does
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even less milk than is ordinarily prescribed — would seem to be peculiarly
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a year. He was very foolish, for the autopsy would have
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Dublin, further illustrated this important subject by separating
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One of the most marked peculiarities of the human body is its
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Table IV. — Typhoid Fever, 1911, Officers and Enlisted Men, United States Army.
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" The oesophagus is dilated for the entire length, the dilatation
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7, P.M. — Much in same condition; extremely restless. Directed
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Granting that, in all the six cases in which avc have no knowledge of
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of wages earned and the rate of production. He found that
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with the first manifestations of pains let her abdomen
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and clinically by intense jaundice and cerebral symptoms.
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With regard to the progress of tubercle, when superficial,
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over-frequent and usually profuse menstruation ; the
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of normal secretion, viz., the catarrhal state. Evidence is everywhere
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treatment, even if rapidly growing. If ulcerated, one can give
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two or more persons from the same practice $225 for
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slightly reddened, somewhat resembling ringworm, but no trace of
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from nose. About two o'clock P. M. on 19th she was attacked with very
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omechanotherapy, hydrotherapy, supervised occupational and recreational activities.
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three months, there was a relighting of the disease.
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puiuted to the Portsmouth District of the Portsca IsLoud Union.
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been noted. There are qualitative as well as quantitative differences in the
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became more urgent, the tumour could be more easily handled, and its
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peculiarity of which consists in the fact that the motions con-
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occasionally found in our preparations, so we at first concluded that
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to the bronchitis in the case under consideration as a reason for
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to which they have gained access, we can understand how a
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tired physician in established three-man group. Must be