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at Monroe .Academy, near Rochester, New York. Later
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and attract the crowd of sufferers who fill the rooms and pockets of the
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in-chief of the Brooklyn Orthopaedic Infirmary; consulting surgeon
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or the spinal cord are antevo-postenor, postero-anterior, trans-
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panions, who, upon listening, heard that he had found a new
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no longer afford to donate his services, led him at first to
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tion strikes us as peculiarly French in its slightly saturnine
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the late Dr. E. B. De Gersdorff, the last name waking a pang
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was one of the vice-presidents of the Medical College in Philadelphia
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a Christian whose daily life proclaimed his profession.
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vomiting, involuntary emission of urine, dilatation of the
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ican Gastroenterological Association ; American Cancer Research
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Wecker of Paris, and by him called the " Capsular Method."