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treatment of the horse, on account of comparative insuscep-
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cholagogue, by sweeping bile out of the intestines.
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Kidneys and Elimination. — The urinary flow is some-
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May, 1861, at Sewickleyville, Alleghany Co., Penn. ; aged 24 years;
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ed physicians, a general belief that we ought to allow the typhus
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bitter. Almost entirely soluble in alcoliol and in 4 parts of
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ment ought to be dispensed with. The cutting off of the iris after
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tric acid. As will appear hereafter, from the record of our cases,
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Derivation. — Add barium dioxide, 300, to cold, distilled
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rently the most suitable apparatus, and employing delicate chemical
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ed secretion of the night, it was quite a common occurrence with
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cesses of repair have commenced. In other cases, however, the first
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Drs. G. E. Francis, D. H. Hayden and C. E. Vaughan, of the last class of
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the digestive apparatus, except in toxic doses, when it may
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1. That bleeding, under certain conditions, is followed with good
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In another case, in which the disease began in the left hand, and
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ternal arrangements and accommodations are concerned, 1 maintain
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Journals Received. — Edinburgh Medical Jom-nal, March, 1863. — American Medical
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tants have a thin, sallow appearance, which contrasts strongly with
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lent vomiting, with greater thirst and distress than at first. The
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thiolum siccum, occurring in lustrous scales. Thiol is
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IncompatibJes. — Mineral acids, metallic salts, strong
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.\rni\ - . . ill. -de a majority report through Dr. Lawsun, of Cincinnati,
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and nauseous taste. When triturated with water it readily
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These structures may be either stimulated or depressed,
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by dissolving fifteen grains of each in an ounce of liquid
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Properties. — A clear, colorless liquid, of a characteristic
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Oil of peppermint, 100 ; peppermint, 10 ; alcohol to make 1000.
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ditions by causing ischgemia. There are several kinds of
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formation and increase in size of urinary and' other calculi, viz., that
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Uses. — Hydrastis, berberine, and hydrastine are employed
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later, the ascitic efVusion had become so abundant that the tumor could
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lu veterinary parlance they are often known as "chaiges."
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ports a most extensive and satisfactory use of this well-known drug
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lead him to prescribe understandingly what too many of us are apt to