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monograph) that, " however simple oesophagotomy may appear on the dead

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firm connective tissue which makes a crunching noise * while it

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patient recovered- In the way of treatment, the author recommends

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trate them with examples, paying especial attention to the variable

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1. The essentially different reaction of the muscle to prolonged and

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or one third of the total number, they were present.

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professional standing of the lecturer, and the zeal with which he has devoted

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These statements may serve as an introduction to the next

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place at the termination of several months. The growth,

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believe, are very rare ; few at any time have died of it without

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ment of typhus at the Blackwell's Island and Bellevue Hospitals, and to

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honesty than they do now. They will expel our physicians

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and the profession are thus too sacred to be tampered

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full of pus. Incision, drainage. Gradual healing of wounds.

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in a few days to his duty, but says he felt weak and faint at times.

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ness to pressure was present in more than 75 per cent, of the cases,

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sphenoidal sinuses also removed, forming one large cavity.

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To decide whether the acid is organic or free hydrochloric we employ

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Chemique, or Chemic Blue — Sulphate op Indigo. To 7 or

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In fifty cases out of sixty-two collected by Qaujoux,** constipa-

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the thermic mechanisms but to their specific action upon the cause of dis-

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changed, or it may be so much disintegrated that the head becomes

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animals by injecting the pus from a furuncle, after

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symptoms with the disease they indicate, and mistaking conse-

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says Dr. Hall, it contracts; so likewise does the heart when touched. The removal of the

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picture similar to that presented by the blood of a patient suffering from

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of disinterested men, who have experienced its happy eftects, in theu

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neuralgias especially intermit from other causes. In such a case

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pens, however, that instead of the laceration | regarded even in its most obvious bearings,

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to introduce into the Pharmacopoeia the protected article