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severe type occurred. On examination, the cervix admitted two lingers,

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contraction of the abdominal muscles, but once this

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plan. The detailed description of Malgaigne's hooks and the method of

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utterly ignorant. Public hygiene must be as widely taught

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half across the rectum, and were not in contact at their free

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or broncyiooneumonia . Iri the tv;o cases v.hich died from

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As a rule a single person is attacked. Mild cases of epidemio

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they perhaps separate the placenta a little more, but

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one another, by the weight and strain of use in the attitudes of deformitv and by

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says that the most characteristic difference between or-

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through the common duct or a stone through the ureter; or

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distinctly reddish without the smoky hue, or it may be dark, reddish-

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are often developed in its course. The child becomes dull and somnolioit,

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fragments of bone, compressing it, tying an artery and opening

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eventually enlarges and constitutes a circular ulcer, witli overlapping

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time, at first, the system of treatment pursued by the

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In other cases, minute coagula or clots presenting the appearance of dried

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cedes these symptoms. It is often the event which first excites any a}>-

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Of all functionally impaired elderly persons, those most

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interested persons, who have so long whined in the ears of our legisla-

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branches. This is a false assumption. In the first place, the influence

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or abnormality in the kreatinin metabolism has failetl of confirmation by

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before exiting onto a side street. No one, as far as I

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and adapt each to the degree in which it is required ; and then we

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development of the geni to-urinary tract from the fusion of the two Miiller's

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It may be noticed previous to the fifth contraction figured in

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vicious attitude it may have assumed, whereby the viscera have

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sputum become, assuming at first a white, then a yellow, and finally

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ously ill, but did fairly well until the morning of April 20, when she had a

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of phthisis, Dr. Yeo occupies his second lecture with

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and work with body, mind and heart to overcome dis-

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Fig. 1 sums up their hypothesis. This hypothesis has

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are his fatiier, if ho was in love with Stratonice?"

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not as a routine method of examination but only as a means of check-

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of infectious diseases, e.g. smallpox and typhoid fever. The escape of

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through the middle third of the worm, but at this place is hard to see,

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70 per cent, in Montana, but very much less (1 to 3 per cent.) in Idaho.

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was found thickly studded with small, round bodies,

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E. Gains, Esq., Surgeon Cih lioyals, of a daughter.

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newed) and the actions again repeated, they require the depo-

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encephalitis is present from long continued and progressive changes

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for the following report of a case still under treatment. In

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more, that the lesions are so far removed from the stomach that by the

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power of destroying the colour of sulphate of indigo is due to