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axilliary border of scapula below teres minor; insertion:

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muscles of the bladder and bowel. Through the posterior

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of tartar or salivary calculi does not always threaten the

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ple, in which osseous union is not the rule, the early employ-

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Case II. The other case alluded to was that of Mrs. Duffy, aet. 60, who

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Inoculation has been successfully practised in cows, as a means of ren-

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ago, stronger, larger, and abler than at any period of its existence.

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relief, but after three or four weeks relief was complete, though

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prevents, except in rarest instances, gangrene and per-

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tion as a cause, and the walls of the sac appear thinned but not

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John Hamilton Reynolds he confides : " Were I to study medicine

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aim at the best, and but weakly supporting its negation — as a

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An enterogenic form of albumosuria has been noted in various

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about the seventh month of infancy ; those of the lower jaw usually

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well to Craigiasis, in fact they express the symptoms better than the

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it possesses in common with tea, coffee and some other agents,

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and which it is so desirable should be ventilated freely, and not

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cult as they are sometimes, and all cases of wonders, but at what expense? Very likely

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Description. — These protozoa are elliptical micro-

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by secretions of lime, etc., which have been held in solution by the

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tense stomach from the less tense intestines. If these methods of ex-

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a luxury and wealth hitherto utterly undreamed of by

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did not appear to exert any beneficial influence, and it seemed to me that the convul-