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are, as a rule, smaller than when the disease has occurred from

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"15/A. Sight still more improved. Read, in the presence of many gentle-

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be favorably impressed with the Smith family — and prob- i

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then, may prove to be the practical value of the ophthalmoscope

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going numbers, since the primary condition for which removal was

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abundance of BUaAB was found in the urine. Frangue says that in a female

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Keith. Fourteen Cases. (Ed. Med. Joum., Nov. and Dec.) —

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or around tubes which were in a normal state, an anastomotic network

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outside, or to the walls of the abdomen, by curiously contrived

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tion of the child's afflicted parents. And now, one month after the operation,

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titis and the Use of Partial Cholecystectomy in Its

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Sea. There is evidence to show that it existed at Hongkong^ at

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out into veins for the most part tortuous and dilated. These

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Owing to this system passing to the lymphatic system of

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" We shall not dwell longer on this order of facts; they put it beyond a doubt

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the first Spanish village past the Neutral Ground, and four or five

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Orders, enclosinp^ tlie amount of orte year's subscription, addressed to the pub-

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1868.] Beport on Toxicology, Forensic Medicine, ^c. 265

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What was safe for Providence is safe for other cities. J

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government. The facts thus collected in detail have been collated and condensed

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tion. By the advice of Prof. v. Q-raefe, who was then in Diisseldorf,

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diversity of climate on the same parallels. On the lowlands, tobacco is the

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inherited yet remediable condition may be found; evi-

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busy season of work. The lean may smile and the gaimt

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In Case J. 0, the milk curd in the trachea, though not in any great

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are proved to exists is steadily progressing under competent

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hence every precaution ought to be taken to expel it. This will best be done

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looks. At sixty or so the ductless glands physiologically

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From the lower part of the wound several loose fragments of bone were

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and then linseed-meal poultices ; and lastly broth and bitter infusion.

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but since then he has seen the new system carried out in several

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swelled, and the boy quite re-established. At this present time, not the slightest

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Coventry House of Industry, the deaths from which were 55, (27 males and

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grade, of which the first were all, and of the last all but one, fatal. The other

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these internal parasites, he adopts that which certainly a priori, would seem

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quence of the effusion of the lithate of soda, so peculiar to gout, and entirely

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represented as one of an "institute" or "clinic" or "asso-

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peroxide of iron has been incorporated. Woodcuts.) — Lotzbeck.

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(Lee.) Pathology and T^-eatment of Urethral Calculi. (New York

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so. In fact, there are a great many people innocently

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theria, whooping-cough, measles, or whatever. If the

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divide freely the fascia again and again, until the eye was restored to a proper