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affect accommodation as well as convergence, though

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well examined the condition of her heart, which he found to be

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as different breath-tones were produced in the different

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" exchanges " for exanthemata. Yet the conclusion to which

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acid in two difierent proportions :— said of a base.

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Skarpol, Darrell P., P. O. Box 1221, Green Bay 54305

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injected into the stomach of a dog produced no symptoms of poisoning what-

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is not of a contagious nature. Some of these experiments were

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business as he could attend to. In the spring following, he removed

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His family history was irrelevant, showing nothing to indicate

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sexual co'oring our ideas may appear to be, this ap-

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the true test whereby to try the value of any oi)erative proceeding. I

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chet-needles and other steel articles, which the patient

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three years. Youatt found that two dogs were attacked of three bit-

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of the cancerous uterus as little violence as possible

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10. The salivary secretion appears sometimes to be in-

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patients can be brought back to the condition they were in

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was discovered about ten years ago by several fellows who had the self-

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viding the muscles, these also were found in a very

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combined ergot and digitalis, or ergot and quinine, or ergot,

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of opium in many cases of delirium tremens, we have ourselves witnessed

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the spread of measles, which is epidemic in that city.

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grains of arsenic per square yard is allowed in woven

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expressive of some of their striking properties ; thus, oxygen, from

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easily. The former makes a loud stamping sound with his

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Case II. — ^Man, aged 37; married eleven years; florist; drinks

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His wife stated that about midnight she was awakened by his snoring. She shook her

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their size. They were at the time of death 13 and 1-4 months old

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stant. He was conscientious, generous and self-reliant, re-

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the nostrils, that many other astringents would prove of

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brandii, whidi could be overcome by the action of the inspiratory

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the stars with all her golden sails spread. I state this as a fact of

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the patient writhed with the pain, at the same time uttering pitiful

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pocket. What comes from your stomach has no bad odor,

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