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tonics, as iron, arsenic and cod-liver oil may be of use
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traumatic origin. The reason wiiy it so frequently appeared at
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Journal, July 24, 1897) points out that in the case of infants the constitutional
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Deiiinie (K.) Ueber Tympanitis und ibi e Actiologie im
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though you confine them to bed. The patient whose case I have
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ion-wound before opening the abscess. It might also be ad-
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the exact rendering, in degrees Fahrenheit, of every
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accumulation of fluid, the diagnosis from ascites is diflicult. In this diagnosis
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one-half inch. There was slight crepitus on rotation. The radiogram
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was poorly walled off, appendix removed, abdomen closed, patient placed in
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will detail some of the difficulties we had in getting them, throw
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Mr. N. leads a most active life physically and mentally ; his general health is
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The straps of the splint are readjusted, and the patient hoisted by this away from the
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Oppler is undoubtedly the most important, and has attracted much
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the face treated by interstitial injections of an average of 1 gramme
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fact, justly observes j — " There is certainly some cause for this, and it is
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During the test the systolic pressure rises at the start and remains at about 160.
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LITERATURE. — 1. Barnes. Obstetric Operations. — 2. Pinard. " Dcs hemorrhages par
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