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In this form a type of disease develops comparatively slowly, which may closely
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(Spastic Cerebral Paralysis. Infantile Spastic Diplegia. Little's Disease)
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was first generally known in Germany after Esmarch proved, by publishing
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In many cases the evening temperature will for weeks reach 100° to 101° F.
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observed. The membranes of the brain and cord are often greatly congested,
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that in very many cases of vertebral caries, where the body of no vertebra is
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stage of tabes, the smallness and thinness of the cord usually strikes us at
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cord only are atrophied ^ IG - 169. — Section of the cervical cord in amyotrophic lateral
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over, a severe form of nervous disease manifests itself either immediately or
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come easily fatigued. The impairment of facial expression has already been