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severity, duration, distribution and constancy of chest pain, and of the

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A fortnight later, the man again presented himself.

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Ann. Surg., Phila., 1897, xxvi, 219-222. Also: Med. Senti-

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Portrait by R. E. Pine, engraved for Pettljjrew by J. Thomson.

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des foetida, arum triphyllum, asclepias tuberosa, and ulmus fulva,

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Guersant, in the Children's Hospital of Paris, the foetal debris

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usually convalescent in from five to ten days. A tonic of

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the rise is the longest, the pressure returns to normal in seven minutes

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parenthesis) of its author," and thus it can, by reference to the bibliography be

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indirect. In one treated blood is used and in the other untreated blood.

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ing, I see that he observes (p. .520) that the Indians were more

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results are overwhelmingly in favour of Graefe's modified

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ing to chap, i., sec. 3 of the By-laws. Special invitations

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backward toward tlie ear, and aggravated by swallowing. A

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1890, 2, 4, 10. Causes of Death, Deutsche Sammelforschung, S. 146 ff. Gw3^nne,

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the subtropical zones. Its usual boundaries are 32° 47' N. and

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victim whose cuticle it was made to penetrate in the

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is to be considered free from danger. The prognosis must there-