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cancer— when there is a palpable tumor present there can be

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at once, is not always easy. Moreover, a paroxysm of pain from the passage

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osity, and the joint capsule was opened. The head of

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extend this procedure to all the viscera, as the spleeu

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[Reprmted from the " Journal of the Americal Medical Association."]

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It is one of those cases of complete destruction of the septum fol-

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rical practice, there are more delays in the second stage of labor, more

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the past year. The list now included 519 general hos-

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appendicitis, 8 ; typhoid fever, 8 ; tuberculosis, 6 ; heart

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phenomena which are characteristic of hysteria. Then suddenly, perhaps,

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year of the disease, twenty-nine died in recurrence in this third year,

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previous to the shutting off of food) and its entire disap-

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The contra<?t of last vear with the Wisconsin Medical Journal

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manner of well developed cases of double personality. And when we

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marks : " The admissions, 109, are 20 in excess of the

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auditors; the risk of an adulterated or expired product

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Dr. H. Rehn of Hanavi. "Jahrbueli fiir Kinderheilkunde," u. s. w., new series, 1st

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of age, whose right tibia was greatly lengthened and thickened, with

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She had these petit-mal in series every four to eigtit

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The total number of all forms of Intermitlcnt Fever reported for the

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auditory, the glosso-pharyngeal, and the accessory portion of the vagus

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the University of the State of New York. By the late

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highly useful in irritable urethra of the male, it only increased her suf?

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with mucous epithelium floating on it; function of kidneys suspended.

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the diphtheritic membrane to be herpetic. Feron also calls Bretonneau's

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developed her initial erythema about May 1, 1914, at 3 C Street. The

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savages and those who lead a simple life, therefore it is pre-

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easily understood, the cardiac mechanism responsible for its

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" Tbe argument tbat sucb operations as tbat of Porro would fall largely, of neces-

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vitelL ov. no. j. m f. emulsio. c. infus. valeriaQ 3 ss — 3 iv. S. for two

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lescence. It may last for several weeks or months, but recovery in the

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Treatment: The case is one of acute poisoning by alcohol. The

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tion will be the best evidence that there is such a thing

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tTTo forms, and they are much more stationary than the derma-

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jects should be generally prevalent : and that persons who are con-

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account of their greater tendency to toxic phenomena are

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again, after three doses had been taken, I found that the

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quoted by Oribasius/ it is stated that the bubo plague prevailed as

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in typhoid perforation will be a great surgical triumph, and

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tines, and it is known that by the aid of bile it can readily pass