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cers of the State are required to attend. The course opened
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transmit the opinion and directions of the surgeon,
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No deductions of value could be drawn in these cases from the char-
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immediately the embryo dies, and rapidly thereafter,
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history of various dyspeptic symptoms and that profuse menstruation
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has appeared on the next ; or it is present in marked form on one day,
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Instructor in Diseases of the Nose and Throat, Polj-clinic Hospital;
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9. Apparently Cured Cases of GonorrlKL'a with Persistence
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in person without delay to Brigadier General William
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then apply the ten per cent, solution of zinc chloride
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The Medical Inspection of Schools in Pittsburgh. —
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The cause of the hemorrhage is not in the mucosa, but in the muscular sub-
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typical case of obesity, and anaemia is practically common to both.
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mitted to the hospital at 7 p. m., October i8th. Exami-
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days to 98.4°. Pulse varied from 90 to 105. Respirations 36 to 24.
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Resection of the Elbow in Children. Four Illustrations. 297
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Chir., October 17, 1896) reports two cases which he believes are of a third
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C.\SE II. July 25, 1903. Private patient. Thirty-seven
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still more the occurrence of two cases on board vessels in the Thames,
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tals were small and undev'eloped, like those of a ten-year-old girl.
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While eczema may invade large and extensive areas of the skin or
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