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diarrhea after gastric disturbance, the patient having taken twenty-five

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sible. I cannot assent to Dr. Radford's views without consi-

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feeding of the child is another source of danger and requires

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After these two the men who most cultivated pathology

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in the joints are much less serious on the whole. The principal effects are

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glance the number of admissions and of fatal cases for each month

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until a clear surface is produced, when the mirror will re-

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and my father-in-law, the late Mr. Hunter, his partner, with considerable

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however, to give every patient the chance of improvement under this

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to be sought for. In order to explain the majority of the easels — that is to

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before the Society, etc., beg to make the following report:

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one of the best remedies that can be used is Fowler's Solution

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It is regrettable that no mention of the use of calomel ointment in

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tion. — The Primitive ; Sacred, or Mystic ; and Philosophic Periods.

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that he performed the operation of exsection upon the

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gradual extension, more often at once, and always at last.

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fact of infection itself. He firmly believed in the oc-

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mus, without any premonitory symptoms ; and this is

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He was reported to have been insensible on admission. The next

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Not the least remarkable feature of this epidemic is the panic

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may be avoided. And yet the operation in itself is not

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The first class of cases demanding our attention is the con-

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cators are positively associated with some measures of

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saline solution 0-6 per cent. The saline .solution passes from the

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spoken of as a mega nucleus ; it divides directly by a simple process

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19/^% A worm has appeared at the fole of the foot at the

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and pachymeningitis (Meningite sclereuse, Fournier). The usual site of

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