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the veins at that point ; and the nerves passing into
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4th Dist., C. A. Armstrong, • - Boscobel 10th Dist*, E. L. Boothby, • - Hsmmond
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(air, mucus and bile) which play a vital part in the
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basis at the very low price of $28.00, $8.00 cash, balance
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We have seen that where the fit between head and pelvis is not
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have been brought out. The style of the book is extremely
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simple cell, the fluids, and all the tissues and structures and parts of
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has been filled with plastic material. It has become thickened
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seen by the author on August 4, there had been considerable hemorrhage, which
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from his study, that neither in children nor adults is there any relation
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roch has been appointed in charge of the neurologic dispen-
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follow quickly, but wait, say a half or even an hour, be-
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Sufficient has been shown to establish the necessary connexion
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spreads gradually imtil scarcely a trace is left of former thidEening,
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them that all around was black, and consequendy noth-
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of soda, rhubarb, and the like, are then useful ; nux vomica and iron as
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food — for which, perhaps, a fictitious appetite is crea-
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gravity without appreciably influencing the freezing-point. With an albuminous
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complication. W 7 e conjecture that, in addition to the influence of
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interested because the patients are acutelv or chronically
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better not be tried ; but something that works no deeper than
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a new supply of towels is needed. One then unlocks the
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this city what we might term a dying- in hospital. Such
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of Diogenes which contains bitumen, wax, dry pine resin, of each p. X- xx.
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There is need for the legal regulation of midwives.
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now become more pronounced; there is lessened movement at one apex,
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and urgency than in this collection of stories by Herbert Wilner, an extraordinarily gifted writer and teacher at San
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" nothing passed his lips but water, and tepid water .-ii
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symptoms which denote its presence are at first obscure. There is a
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mts treated with topical fluorouracil— especially with 5%
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Slice a peck of green tomatoes, sprinkle them with a cupful
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a strange, droll, startling, heart-rending, exhausting
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etc., carefully removed. With the back of a knife, or with
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involving the left vocal cord. The left cord and portion of the arytaenoid
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between the fingers, as is done when we wi.sh to ascertain the
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XXV. — On the Superior Sphincter of the Rectum. Robert C. Bourland, A. B.,
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recovery. Daniel s Texas M. J., Austin, 1886-7, ii, 412-
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sent to make an investigation, Kansas and North Carolina, and to North
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making necessary the use of the catheter, but never any incon-
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